Beware the Almighty Chang-over

An early lesson in any Marketing course is to always showcase a product’s benefits opposed to its features. Want to sell a diet plan? Show a bikini bod and washboard abs, not the diet regimen of spoiled rice and cauliflower. Want to sell more pizzas? Show friends enjoying one another’s company over a sports game and slices of pizza, not the impending gut you’ll receive from that same ‘roni pie. Is it deceptive? Yes. Does it work? Most definitely.

It’s from this understanding of the core principles of marketing that KohSpot is calling out ThaiBev and their Beer Chang product as being one of the largest and most deceptive cases of highlighting benefits over features to the extent of harming the health of the general public.

beer_changI’m talking about the Chang-over.

While Beer Chang continuously boasts commercials and advertisements endorsing the benefit of the brew’s sex appeal, the features of the beer’s subsequent mind-numbing headaches and the universal pattern of puking up your evening’s tom yum soup never gets a note. This hangover, best known as the “Chang-over”, is typically experienced within 20 minutes of consumption and lasts for what feels like an eternity.

As KohSpot’s duty to highlight the city’s happenings, best grub and party spots in full-forced efforts to enhance your experience in Bangkok, we feel obligated to give the public service announcement very loud and clear: Do not drink Beer Chang.

To Beer Singha,
KohSpot on a Chang-over

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