Clouds – Bar and Restaurant and Weirdness in Bangkok.

Clouds is the third Thong Lor installment by the crazy kook with the magic jar of nightlife fairy dust (no, we are not talking about cocaine) Ashley Sutton.  The famed bar owner, Ash man, decided to go “green” with Clouds by creating a bar that is both futuristic and eco-conscious.  Neat idea Ash man, but we aren’t going to some hippy bar called Clouds to drink overpriced cocktails unless there is gimmick.  Clouds has gimmicks galore.

There are certain ideas that don’t work – just ask those who invested in our spray on sequined condom in a tube business – but if you grab a bunch of ideas that shouldn’t work and package them together in the one place then you may stumble upon a corky mix of success, just ask Walt Disney.

We’re probably getting out of our depth on the philosophy here but this is exactly what Clouds is about. Ideas that should not work on paper have culminated to form a bar that can only be described in two words: Holy sh#t!

We need to start with the décor. It’s so impressive we’re just going to list the highlights and let you not believe it for yourself. Inside Clouds you will find:

- A small forest behind glass.
- Staff wearing pristine white overalls.
- Cupboards that look like they were stolen from a morgue.
- Clear perspex bars, giving the impression of ice.
- The DJ knew his audience (a seriously underrated skill) and played it cool.
- Moving paper bombs hanging from the ceiling.

Hang on though; we were especially fascinated (enamored?) with the kimono glad geisha sitting on an ice-like podium knitting
a scarf. Don’t worry you read that right. Last to leave gets a free scarf?  We weren’t around long enough to find out but drop us a line if you are lucky enough to be the lucky winner or just happen to steal one.

Anyway let’s get drunk. Here’s a quick question, how do you add class to a bar? Easy. Have the patrons drink martinis by selling them cheap! The martini menu in Clouds is made to bring the cool and with a variety of flavors available at two for 300 Baht who can resist?

We were preparing to bark specific instructions regarding how we like our martinis but a classic option wasn’t available. This coupled with the lack of decent beer choices were the only disappointments at Clouds.

Instead we went with a variety of fruit based martinis, a twist on a classic and one made with sour cider. The girls enjoyed the fruit martinis with their bright colors and brighter flavors while the boys stuck to the classic twists and sour cider variations. Apart from an incident where a small seeded plum was mistaken for an edible olive, all drinks were eagerly demolished with the assistance of some spiced bread.

The bottom line? Clouds could have done with a wider selection of beer and a few classic cocktails. However besides the fact we didn’t get a straight up classic martini, this place is pretty cool.

We like ideas and the execution of ideas. If you try something new, we may not dig but we’ll have a look. In the case of Clouds we didn’t quite understand what Ash man was attempting to create at first but after taking it in over a few martini’s we’re starting to get it.  Alcohol makes everything seam sensible.

Content and pics provided by Bock, Mr. Scratch Dog and KohSpot Crew

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