Barbican’s Second Act, a Soi Thaniya Adventure.

If you’ve ever been in a drunken stupor and decided to be adventurous in Silom you may have staggered on that “girly bar” street that’s tailored to Japanese tourists, the illustrious Soi Thaniya.

Soi Thaniya is simply quite marvelous. Its the type of place where you will hear the ubiquitous phrases, “Handsome man” and “Hello, welcome”, but in Japanese shouted by Thai girls dressed up as their favorite Manga character. A place where a girl can charge twice the price than her counterpart two blocks away, because that’s how Japanese dudes roll.

Oddly enough, Barbican Bar and Restaurant is located in the center of this Japanese sex-tropolis that is Soi Thaniya, but defies all definitions of the street’s reputation itself. Finally an excuse to walk down Soi Thaniya without feeling like a pervert. But seriously, walking from Soi Thaniya into Barbican is an assault of the contrasting senses. The Barbican masterfully nails a vibe that is more SoHo NYC than Shinjuku Red Light.

The first floor is shrewdly designed into three levels – lowest for dining, middle for boozing, and upper for both. For long-time expats, you’ll know Barbican. It was very popular about five years ago but has since lost its “boner” so to speak. Now a cute Hungarian girl (Bow) is trying to get this bar “erected” back to where it belongs. Her tactic is an all out promotional assault on everyone from girls to gays to expats to locals.┬áHere’s what we mean..

  • Monday: All tapas – 80 baht
  • Tuesday: Buy one, get one on Aussie Wines
  • Wednesday: All local drafts – 100 baht (70 baht discount)
  • Thursday: Buy one, get one on Jack Daniel’s (this applies for bottles as well)
  • Friday: Sex and the City Night – Signature cocktails 100 baht.
  • Saturday: Italian Wine promotion with various cheese

This line-up really begs the question, “Which night is likely going to end up with me making a horrible decision/waking up next to a lady boy?” The answer: Thursday. Buy one bottle of Jack and get one free? For real? Terribly dangerous for this neighborhood.

The Barbican is also the second stop on the October 22 Silom Club Crawl, so if you’re looking to meet some new faces later in the week.

Bow of Barbican obviously has more to offer than just a pretty face, her business plan is working. A lot of fun nights have been had at Barbican in the last couple months. The food is diverse and tasty, and enough drink specials to generate enough liquid courage for you to act on your true motivations for being in this neighborhood.

The Barbican
Address: 9/4-5 Soi Thaniya, Silom Road.
Phone: 02-234-3590
BTS: Saladaeng
MRT: Silom

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