Est 33. Singha’s Posh Microbrewery.

Have you ever seen a Thai girl crush a chili dog and then bang a pint of Singha with a shot of Jameson dropped in? Neither have we, but rumor is it’s happened. est331The place is Est. 33.

All joking aside brew pubs are awesome.The look, the feel, the laughter, the fresh beer – can’t beat it.Not too many are floating around Bangkok. Most beer halls are jam packed on Sukumvit and filled with douche bags pounding Chang-over Towers. A serious exception to the rule is Singha’s micro brewery/restaurant/beer museum, Est 33.Located in the ever so posh Crystal Design Center (CDC) the brewery is far, but gives you the exciting feeling of getting away while also providing your lungs a break from Bangkok’s exhaust fume inferno. Its about a 250 baht taxi ride from Silom.

est332Est. 33 has an industrial look which is probably a throwback to the original brewery from 1933. The outdoor seating is really nice in the evenings and the water fountain outside creates a nice backdrop to sip on your lager. The sound makes you have to pee a lot though, which sucks because the bathroom’s not close. The crowd is the usual CDC hi-so who drops 250,000 baht on a couch or a dinette set and then hop into their convertible Mercedes. Amazing Thailand.

The food is filled with carbs and calories to soak up the beer: sausages, chili dogs etc. “Typical” beer food but not “ordinary” beer food. For example, the chicken wings are marinated in a butter milk sauce and seasoned with lemon pepper. If you’re just drinking, get a basket of fries to munch on while conversing with CDC shoppers on why the red shirts are prohibiting their addiction to consumerism.Apps go for 200 baht; meals hover at 250.

est333Est. 33 gets a little crazy with the cocktails ranging from Singha with fruit juice to Singha with a shot of Jager. It feels like we are guinea pigs for the mixologist. Ballsy maneuvers yet we’ve heard they taste better than they sound.

The home brewed beer comes in three varieties. People say the lager is not the regular old Singha, it is.The copper is great; nice and smooth with the black being a bit bolder; 0.3l for 120baht 0.5l for 160.

Not a good idea to have Est. 33 as a “starter bar” for a night out later.You’ll find yourself saying “let’s have one more” before saying “let’s go”.The only thing aiding you in this department is the chairs, your ass gets uncomfortable after about 5 pints, so does your wallet.

Est. 33
AddressBldg. E, Crystal Design Center, 1420/1 Praditmanoontham Rd.
MRT: Ratchadaphisek, not very close though
Phone: 02-102-2096 (under construction)

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