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Fat Gutz Saloon

Bar owners beware. Its not the size of your bar that counts, its how you use it. Welcome Fat Gut’z.

A prime purveyor of Thong Lor hip in confined, intimate spaces is Aussie Ashley Sutton who introduced, Iron FairiesClouds and Fat Gut’z to the Bangkok Thong Lor bar scene.

Unfortunately, upon recent visits to Iron Fairies the drinks we came to love had transformed into sickly sweet cocktails. A source told us that a few months after Iron Fairies’ master NYC mixologist, Joseph Boroski, finished training the bartenders, the cocktails slowly evolved into their overly sweetened iterations to cater to the local love for all things ‘wan.’

So we are thrilled to report that Fat Gut’z has had no such problems with transforming tastes and their cocktails are still coming out as delicious and refreshing as the day they opened. Applause.

So what’s the skinny on Fat Gut’z?

Fat Gut’z meshes a nautical interior theme with 1920′s American speak-easy; you couldn’t feel further away from modern-day Bangkok. The two-storied bar is narrow and tight, but like a true playa, Fat Gut’z uses its size to its advantage. The intimate atmosphere almost forces you to be friendly. It doesn’t feel like everyone is in the same bar; it feels like everyone is in the same VIP club. Everyone is smiling, looking good with money in their pocket. The dress code seems to be ‘as long as you got style’ with threads varying from suits to designer jeans.

The elaborately designed “drink book” is more novella than menu with salty sailor sneered cocktail names such as Oceania, Yamato, and Theilbek. If these names don’t sound familiar, don’t feel stupid or any less like an alcoholic. The drink names are titled after ships that have sunk. “Not only sunk” adds Ash, the owner, “they are the ships that lost the most lives as well…” Seriously, this guy is a modern day Arthur Fonzerelli.

If you’re partying with KohSpot you’ll see us succumb to Fat Gut’z Neptunia (285 baht), comprised of white rum, pomegranate, molasses, mint, fresh lime and champagne. Also of note is the Sinfra, made with cinnamon-infused bourbon, fresh pineapple and apple – this is a true lady-pleaser. Most of the cocktails run about 300 baht, but the drinks are thoughtful concoctions that warrant the price.

While the focus is on the bar, the kitchen shouldn’t be forgotten. Not surprisingly, Fat Gut’z signature dish is Fish ‘n Chips (320 baht). Large enough to feed two people, the battered and fried fish is delicious, served up with malt vinegar and pleasantly sour pickled onion. The bar has also sorted out another KohSpot favorite: alcoholic desserts. The chocolate milkshake cocktail (280 baht) made with Swiss chocolate ice cream, Frangelico, Kahlua and a cherry tops anything Amaltery churns out. Otherwise try the drunk’n brownie pudding

The superb house band plays a mix of blues, jazz and Elvis whilst you sip, mingle and stare at your fellow hi-so and wannabe hi-so patrons. Fat Gutz sports a doorman, which is a fashionable touch, but considering how packed the bar gets some nights, we’d hope a little discretion on capacity at the door would take hold.

Fat Gut’z is one of our favorite places to get the night started, but we typically head elsewhere before it gets too crowded. We don’t know about you, faithful readers, but KohSpot would prefer a raise in the drink prices if Fat Gut’z kept the bar at 75% capacity, or at sitting-room only, like our favorite tequila bar in NYC’s East Village, Mayahuel.

Would you pay more for added exclusivity/capacity control?

As of May 2012, Fat Gut’z is opening another branch around the corner at Seen Space on Thong Lor Soi 13. 

Fat Gut’z Saloon
Location: 264 Thong Lor Soi 12, right at the entrance to the Grass complex.
Mass transit: Thong Lor BTS. You can take the Thong Lor bus that only runs up and down the soi, or a taxi, or a motosai, or walk from the BTS.
Hours: 6 pm-2 am daily
Phone: 02-714-9832

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