Seriously, WTF Bangkok?

Seriously, WTF Bangkok?

Say what you will about Public Relations as a fake profession, but hot damn, when they turn on their power of persuasion through the annals of prose and word-of-mouth, a lot of false information is disseminated on behalf of mediocre Bangkok establishments. Aptly named, the latest bar craze coming out of everyone’s mouth and pen is Sukhumvit 51′s very own, WTF Bar and Restaurant in Bangkok.

While the owners of WTF claim the name stands for Wonderful Thai Friendship, KohSpot would argue that these same initials should really stand for What The Fuck – as in What The Fuck is everyone talking about? This place is awful.

We heard about the wines. Our bottle of red tasted like fermented snot with traces of Argentine vinegar.

wtfWe heard about the great music. The soundtrack was that of an extraordinarily uninformed creator trying to be hip by playing 2005’s top Indie Rocker hits from the likes of Death Cab for Cutie, The National and Ok, Go.  The DJ needs to put Pitchfork on his website favorites and ditch the mixed tape he made at the fraternity.

We heard about the amazing tapas. Our chicken was heated up in a microwave in the world’s most pathetic excuse for a kitchen.

We heard about the ambience.  Cheap candles, Tesco plates,  cliché quotes written outside the bar, and a liquor shelf that looks less sturdy than a Bangkok construction site scaffold in bamboo…should I go on?

We heard the art gallery had 13 local artists on display curated by a young and inspired Thai, Chittaya Notpolprasert, who was creatively pushing the emblem of what Thai friendship means through the vehicle of art. We were met with motel-worth paintings, bland installations and an unsatisfying sensation to get out of this restaurant/bar’s very bad attempt at being edgy, hip and artistic.

Seriously, WTF Bangkok?

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