State Tower Sky Bar – A place to avoid

If you find yourself in Bangkok, one thing you’ll quickly realize is how much the Lonely Planet has ruined some really great spots in the last couple years. Enter the Sky Bar at Sirocco. Located on the 64th floor of Lebua State Tower where Silom meets Charoen Krung, the Sky Bar dazzles with its impeccable views of Bangkok, but avoid this upscale tourist trap.

A couple years ago, one could easily sip on a cocktail (albeit with a price tag of $10-15 USD) enjoying the quiet tropic breeze while gazing out at the Bangkok city lights for hours. You’d bump shoulders with other expats entertaining small groups of friends from out of town or business professionals sharing a night cap in this circular bar jetting out over Bangkok, but it was always enjoyable and relaxing.

Fast-forward to today and the Sky Bar has become a joke where people wait to be ushered into the elevator on the ground floor only to be cramped amongst an over-capacity bar with loud groups of tourists snapping hundreds of blinding pictures.

siroccoIt’s come to the point now where solace can more easily be found on the busy streets of Silom than 64 floors up at Sirocco’s Sky Bar. Enjoy this picture of the empty bar, because this is nothing similar to what you’ll experience at this mere tourist attraction in Bangkok. I guess some great things were never meant to last.

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