Wine I Love You: Very Little Wine and Not Much Love

Wine I Love You is the newest success story in the burgeoning BKK wine bistro scene. We cheers the prosperity, but we also wanted to know what sets Wine I Love You apart from Wine 33, Wine Connection and restaurants like Sizzler.  Nothing, really.  Actually, we are lumping in the success of Wine I Love You with some of the most burning questions known to man, such as: why do men cheat? Why do children start at different reading levels? Why do we love our moms so much? Why are girls pretty? And Why do overrated faddy restaurants serving hi-end cafeteria food like Wine I love You continue to attract the masses?  Here is our reasoning.

Food: Wine I Love You is owned and operated by the same people as Gulliver’s Tavern and it shows.  The menu is a splash of international favorites (plasticy quesadillas), watered down Thai dishes (we had a non-spicy rendition of Moo Yang Nam Tok), and farang favorites (onion rings and cheeseburgers anyone?). This means that Thais and farang alike can enjoy their respectable comfort food without feeling guilty about going to McDonalds or feeling mid-so.  The food is safe, filling and has nice presentation.  Wine by the glass is an easily manageable four choices for those who are not well informed on proper wine and food pairings. Would you like white or red wine sir?  Wine I Love has eliminated the risk of looking uncultured in front of your date by making your choice as simple as Jacob’s Creek or Wyndham.

Decor: Wine I Love You nails the pseudo-European chic wine pub feel.  High ceilings, “aged” wooden tables, chalkboards.  How can you go wrong?  Located in CDC, Wine I Love You attracts a crowd that is looking to be scene and the restaurant caters to this vanity with open air dining and giant windows.  The evening we dined at Wine I Love You was more or less a catwalk and we are pretty certain that is one of the motivating factors for those who dine here.  We aren’t complaining.

Buzz:  Few other cities in the world are as fickle and ostentatious as Bangkok.  We love it.  But, this also means that a lot of restaurants, bars and clubs become popular only because they are the new “it” spot and nothing more.  Wine I love You somehow got picked out of a hat of coolness and is now packed to the brim with eager diners waiting to partake in the latest trend. Since the 7th grade people have been yearning for acceptance from their peers by listening to the most popular band of the day. Wine I Love You is the equivalent of listening to Justin Bieber. Come here if you think you are cool. Don’t if you are.

Wine I Love You
Location: Building E/F, Crystal Design Center, 1420/1 Praditmanoontham Rd.
Mass transit: MRT Lat Phrao
Hours: Mon-Fri 4pm-1am; Sat-Sun noon-1am
Phone: 02-102-2166

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