Nest: Relaxed Cocktail Hour

Does Bangkok really need another chic rooftop lounge where the well-heeled gather to relax and drink fancy cocktails? Yes, yes it does.

Nest is best described as a rooftop Hyde & Seek without the fine food, and it’s every bit as popular. Arriving on a Friday or Saturday night without a reservation after 9:30 means you probably will be awkwardly standing idle in the corner while holding a brew, as Nest has very few tables that are reservation-free. As with most great places in BKK Nest is becoming a victim of its own success.

The décor on the 8th floor open-air lounge is modern, making patrons walk over a babbling brook and rocks before reaching the chilled out beach portion of the club, complete with sand and shell-shaped enclosures with couches. Beach bumming Mid-So style!! The bar and left-hand side leans more towards an urbane approach, focusing on wicker, wood and a few rocking chairs. Strategically place red rods attempt to provide a barrier between the two sides, but nobody really seems to care.

The crowd at Nest is farang heavy, both men and women, and you won’t find many wearing jeans and a t-shirt here as most patrons appear to either have just come from work or like to party like they just came from work. This is chic casual and although we appreciate the attempts of donning finer threads we would at least like to see a funny hat or a puffy skirt. We are easily entertained.

Nest is a starter bar, a place to gather, relax, chat, have a few snacks and some wine before heading on to more serious clubbing. Given its location right across the street from Q Bar and a one-minute walk from Bed Supperclub, patrons are well-placed to continue the night.  A club crawl, often on Friday nights, allows folks to go to Nest, Q Bar and Bed all in the same night for only a 300-baht cover and a handful of standard drinks like vodka tonic or margarita for only 100 baht a pop

Of course you could spend the night at Nest if you wanted to go the route of casual conversations under the night sky and even if the rain decides to pay a visit this club comes equipped with a 160-foot retractable roof. Baller. Music: although we are convinced that the “DJ” purchased one of those pirated ‘club chill’ CDs you can acquire from street hawkers he does a nice job of keeping the volume level appropriate and the atmosphere lively yet not overwhelming.

What separates Nest from most other mid-so chill bars are the drinks.  The cocktails at nest rival drinks at Fat Gutz, though it doesn’t put the focus on local ingredients like WTF or Soul Food Mahanakorn. Instead Nest tries to offer a few forgotten favorites, such as the sidecar c.1971 (320 baht), with brandy, cointreau and sour mix, and some new mixes like the apricot-nutmeg sour (280 baht) with rum, mango juice, apricot jam, egg white, nutmeg and fresh sour mix. Well done Nest, you sure can slang the tang. It has port and sherry for 260, or kick it up a notch with a bottle of Lafee Absinthe for 4,900 baht. You can be a ladies’ man with Courvoisier for only 4,800 baht.

Location: Rooftop Le Fenix Hotel, 33/33 Sukhumvit Soi 11, right across the street from Q Bar.
Mass transit: BTS Nana
Hours: 5 pm-2 am daily
Phone: 02-255-0638

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