Scratch Dog, we white boy wasted.

We know you’ve been wondering…

“Where is the best place to sip on some Purple
Drank in Bangkok?”

The answer is quite simple, Scratch Dog.

Although you’ll need to bring your own Robittusin and white styrofoam cups for your sizzurp, Scratch Dog will supply the vodka, sprites and all the ridiculousness that is requisite for a night of the Purple Drank. Party on.

Unless you’ve been hiding in the depths of Khlong Toei, you’ve heard of the infamous after-hour joint, Scratch Dog. Located at the basement of the Windsor Suites Hotel on Sukhumvit Soi 20, Scratch Dog has been a regular on the after-hour circuit for as long as we can remember.

Opening shortly before midnight most days of the week, Scratch Dog remains relatively empty until 2:30-3:00am when the majority of the clubs in Bangkok close and party-people push for the night to continue in flocks.

The result?

A crowd that is a mixed bag of awesomeness. You’ve got your RCA pretty-people, your scary and aggressive ladyboys, the Soi Cowboy crew, Uni kids from Nunglen, and a smattering of younger expat farang. And while the crowd at Scratch Dog couldn’t be more different, everyone shares one thing in common, they’re ‘white boy wasted.

scratch dogAs you probably imagined, lots of love connections have been made at Scratch Dog. From the one-night stands to a friend of KohSpot who met his future wife, a doctor, at Scratch Dog, you never know who you may meet or go home with. Its that type of place.

The cover charge for Scratch Dog is 400 baht and gets you two drinks, but its waived if you buy a bottle. Black Label is 2,000 baht and Jack Daniels is 1,800 baht. You’ll also get 5 entrance coupons when you purchase a bottle and the ability to grab an actual table to set-up shop for the party (look for a table at the bottom level near the women’s bathroom). And while we believe a more fun night can be had with bottle-service, if you buy the drink coupons, you’ll be rewarded with the strongest cocktails in Bangkok, period.

Scratch Dog stays open until 5am and the club music leans towards hip-hop, with a bit of house and K-pop. Its also the ideal setting for honing your dance moves. In fact, Mr Scratch Dog himself perfected his world-renown crotch-chop/air-hump within the sacred walls of Scratch Dog. Ask him about it.

Always make sure to ask at the door when the club closes, because sometimes it’s 3 am and the police have told them ahead of time. Nothing worse than popping a bottle 15 minutes before the lights go up.

Scratch Dog, an enigma in the after-hour world. We love it; we hate it; we can’t give it up.

Scratch Dog
Location: Basement of Windsor Suites Hotel, Sukhumvit Soi 20.
Mass transit: BTS Phrom Pong or MRT Sukhumvit
Hours: 10-1145pm-5 am (usually) daily
Phone: 02-663-4447

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